Body to Body Massage Bangalore

The body to body massage is one of the most popular erotic massage in Bangalore. Its name refers to the body contact that exists between the masseuse, or the masseur, and the client. It is a very sensual and erotic massage, in which contact and proximity are more important than in other massages, and generate a very high level of eroticism.

Many of our customers live days extremely stressed by hard work, and that is why our visitors try to unload the negative energy that invades them. They see in our erotic massage an escape from stress. One of the favorite massages of Massage India’s spa in Bangalore clients is the nude body massage, or also known as a body to body massage. This massage is one of the most popular due to its high erotic charge, since the contact of the body between the masseuse and the client is very important to experience great pleasant sensations.



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Body Massage services in Bangalore :


  • The Erotic Massage

Are you looking for a detour after a hard day? Do you want to experience something really sensual? If so, you’ll want to try an erotic massage! It is a type of massage, which combines relaxation with erotica. Enjoy unforgettable moments in the hands of a beautiful, young and expert masseuse, naked or dressed to satiate your desires, maybe in lingerie! So, if you want to try something new, try our erotic massage. We guarantee maximum discretion and privacy!

  • Why A Complete Erotic Massage?

Massage techniques can naturally be used not only to achieve or enhance sexual arousal, but also to be satisfied, without necessarily performing the sexual act. Just relax and let yourself go to the hands of our masseuses and you will experience sensations comparable only to ecstasy. All in a pleasant environment, which allows you to completely “turn off” and get rid of at least a few minutes or hours of unnecessary stress.

  • Nuru Gel Massage

Nuru Gel massage is a form of contact massage, during which not only the hands, but the whole body work. In any case, massage in Bangalore hotel can guarantee that the young and beautiful masseuse knows how to perform both perfectly, so whatever choice is made, you will receive the best care.

The Nuru massage, in the western world, is more and more popular: many people are discovering its oriental charm. To prove its benefits, there is nothing easier than making an appointment and visiting the Massage India. We believe that it is possible to feel intense feelings and that you will never want to leave. The Nuru gel massage is for the absolute harmony of body and mind!

  • Thai Massage

Contrary to popular Swedish massage in the West, which focuses only on the physical appearance of the body with the manipulation of muscles, Thai massage combines the techniques usually found isolated in Western physiotherapies such as Trigger Point treatments, myofascial techniques, therapy neuro muscle, etc.

The combination of energy and physical aspects is what makes Thai Massage unique and so effective. Traditional Thai massage is actually a profound treatment of the whole body, starting from the feet and proceeding up to the head. Using a sequence of fluid and gentle movements, the recipient’s body is moved, the joints and muscles relaxed and elongated (some extensions are related to yoga techniques).